400pts in 40min local tournament

Attended the local miniature gaming club’s 400pts in 40min tournament today. Over 20 players joined today and I had 6 really good games with lots of nail biting dice rolling. The rules were quite modified to fit small size armies and no formations and house rules restrictions were in play. Finished with 2 wins, 2 draws (both time tabled the opponent but failed to reach mission objective), 2 losses. Could have done better with more aggressive play!

My list was:

100pts – Dreadnought: Power Fist w/ storm bolter, Multi-melta

105pts – Tactical Squad 5man: 1x Grav Cannon

85pts – Tactical Squad 5man: 1x Melta gun, Sgt with Melta bomb (Warlord)

35pts – Rhino

75pts – Razorback w/ Twin-linked Assault Cannon


Captain Cato Sicarius

Finally finished with my new HQ! Will be the proxy for all Captains in my future Ultramarines lists.



Painting update

Invested in an airbrush and love it. Worth every penny. Still trying a lot out, but did some glowing and trying out modulation on the base colors on my Sicarius model. More contrast still needed on the cape and armor though…




LasPlas Turrets

Home from a long winter vacation visiting wife’s parents in Japan. Finally time for my Gladius again.

Have converted 3 Lasplas turrets to be in my Gladius this spring. Took a normal twinlinked lascanon turret, cut off one tube and glued/greenstuffed a cut off plasma gun and plasma pistol i had laying in my bits box. Happy with the result.



Tournament Pics

Just a few more pictures from the ITC tournament. Very motivated to keep painting and have my full Gladius completely done in all its glory. So much to do though!


1850p Gladius Strike Force in action

The list was a success. Shared 3rd place out of 18 players and beaten only by the tournament winner. A chaos space marine maulerfiend/cabal list proved too much. Managed to grav-immobilize 4 out of 6 maulerfiends turn 1, but some sloppy tactical choices and unlucky reserve rolls was the major downfall. A very enjoyable full day however.

The MSU worked very nicely with the ITC format, and very happy with the performance of the list. Will definitely work on improving it for future use. Also, this means I know what to aim for when making future purchases. Hopefully next time i field a full 1850p Gladius I will not have to borrow Drop Pods and Razorbacks to fill my ranks.