Terrain: GW Containers

Recently trying to finish my table to have at home, to get some more gaming in, even when I’m home with my kid. Finished painting the GW Munitorum Armoured Containers. It could use some more weathering, but I might go back to do that later. Time to move on to my Ultras again.

I glued the crates and barrels in 6 pieces to make it easier to move around. I also filled them with a mix of sand and PVA glue (they are hollow!) to increase the weight and thus make them less likely to move around when they are on the table. They are actually quite heavy now, the sand and glue became really dense and nice.



Barbed Wire

Experimenting with some simple junk from home. Trying to get some terrain done so I can play at home. Having an infant really makes going away to play a lot more difficult. My home table will increase my play time significantly.

Board, foam scraps, plaster over that, old sprues and a wire spiral from a used notebook. Need sand, paint, and flock.