Puppetwar turret done!

And of course it’s all magnetized as puppetwar stuff comes pre-drilled for 1x3mm magnets.



Rhino Chassis

Done with my first ever Rhino chassis. A bit more weathering than i thought it would be when i started, but I like the look anway, so this is what my 2nd Company vehicles will use as a standard. It’s assigned to 1st tactical squad “Vandar”. Keeping my gladius strike force close to the lore!


LasPlas Turrets

Home from a long winter vacation visiting wife’s parents in Japan. Finally time for my Gladius again.

Have converted 3 Lasplas turrets to be in my Gladius this spring. Took a normal twinlinked lascanon turret, cut off one tube and glued/greenstuffed a cut off plasma gun and plasma pistol i had laying in my bits box. Happy with the result.



Puppetswar.eu II

Yesterday my bits arrived. Very excited and looking forward to mount everything.

Pre-drilled holes for 1x3mm magnets is a great feature of these products.



Heavy investments


A lot of stripping.

A lot of repairing.

A lot of money saved.