Hobby supplies

Have to give a shout out to SnM Stuff. I get almost all my supplies here, despite having brick and mortar hobby shops around where I live in Sweden, I still buy from these guys in the UK. SnM Stuff have such a wide selection, and shipping is quick and affordable. Lately I have been stocking up on weathering supplies, and they have all the fun little supplies I’ve been wanting to try out.


Looking forward to my new purchase. Will try Heavy chipping from AK Interactive. Instead of just the normal sponge dabbing, I want a bigger variation of the under colors. I hope I can get this with airbrushing and Heavy chipping!



LasPlas Turrets

Home from a long winter vacation visiting wife’s parents in Japan. Finally time for my Gladius again.

Have converted 3 Lasplas turrets to be in my Gladius this spring. Took a normal twinlinked lascanon turret, cut off one tube and glued/greenstuffed a cut off plasma gun and plasma pistol i had laying in my bits box. Happy with the result.