Trying to expand the Ultramarines by making a lot of customized choices to make gameplay more varied. Instead of investing in tens of new GW vehicles, I decided to try out some alternate pieces so I will be able to field a mix or group of Whirlwinds, Razorbacks and Predators.

Trying Puppetswar.eu, and crossing my fingers it’ll work out smooth. My biggest concern is that the missle launchers won’t fit very well with the low turret to get a good artillery like angle, but we’ll see!


Centurion Devestator Squad

Finally done with something. A full squad done and done. House, kid and all that… You know.

Yes, the lens on the grav amps are all painted up side down, but I will let that be until I have finished painting all necessary things I need for a 1850p ITC tournament in November.