Ultramarines (Gladius) vs Tau – 1850pts

Two straight losses against Tau… Riptides and Stormsurge completely eats my Razorbacks up. Starting to think that 7 razorbacks and 3 pods should have been 5 razorbacks and 5 pods. The pressure that pods create in the back lines is hard to compete with, but I would loose a lot of firepower. In this duel though my razorbacks melted away and left was foot slogging 24″-grav cannons. It just did not work out. I could keep up with the scoring initially, but the losses each turn was too grave without seriously inflicting anything on the Tau.

However, I learned a lot regarding positioning. There are better ways to create cover for the transports. But in the end, first round to Tau will hurt either way.




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