Painting update

Invested in an airbrush and love it. Worth every penny. Still trying a lot out, but did some glowing and trying out modulation on the base colors on my Sicarius model. More contrast still needed on the cape and armor though…




Ultramarines (Gladius) vs Tau – 1850pts

Two straight losses against Tau… Riptides and Stormsurge completely eats my Razorbacks up. Starting to think that 7 razorbacks and 3 pods should have been 5 razorbacks and 5 pods. The pressure that pods create in the back lines is hard to compete with, but I would loose a lot of firepower. In this duel though my razorbacks melted away and left was foot slogging 24″-grav cannons. It just did not work out. I could keep up with the scoring initially, but the losses each turn was too grave without seriously inflicting anything on the Tau.

However, I learned a lot regarding positioning. There are better ways to create cover for the transports. But in the end, first round to Tau will hurt either way.



Hobby supplies

Have to give a shout out to SnM Stuff. I get almost all my supplies here, despite having brick and mortar hobby shops around where I live in Sweden, I still buy from these guys in the UK. SnM Stuff have such a wide selection, and shipping is quick and affordable. Lately I have been stocking up on weathering supplies, and they have all the fun little supplies I’ve been wanting to try out.


Looking forward to my new purchase. Will try Heavy chipping from AK Interactive. Instead of just the normal sponge dabbing, I want a bigger variation of the under colors. I hope I can get this with airbrushing and Heavy chipping!


Terrain: GW Containers

Recently trying to finish my table to have at home, to get some more gaming in, even when I’m home with my kid. Finished painting the GW Munitorum Armoured Containers. It could use some more weathering, but I might go back to do that later. Time to move on to my Ultras again.

I glued the crates and barrels in 6 pieces to make it easier to move around. I also filled them with a mix of sand and PVA glue (they are hollow!) to increase the weight and thus make them less likely to move around when they are on the table. They are actually quite heavy now, the sand and glue became really dense and nice.