Blue Glory



No Retreat V – Application Accepted!

1,5 years into this hobby, and my first application, and I got accepted! The hype has already started and can’t wait to go to Gibraltar and truly enjoy true high level painted gaming with some of the greatest people out there.


400pts in 40min local tournament

Attended the local miniature gaming club’s 400pts in 40min tournament today. Over 20 players joined today and I had 6 really good games with lots of nail biting dice rolling. The rules were quite modified to fit small size armies and no formations and house rules restrictions were in play. Finished with 2 wins, 2 draws (both time tabled the opponent but failed to reach mission objective), 2 losses. Could have done better with more aggressive play!

My list was:

100pts – Dreadnought: Power Fist w/ storm bolter, Multi-melta

105pts – Tactical Squad 5man: 1x Grav Cannon

85pts – Tactical Squad 5man: 1x Melta gun, Sgt with Melta bomb (Warlord)

35pts – Rhino

75pts – Razorback w/ Twin-linked Assault Cannon


Puppetwar turret done!

And of course it’s all magnetized as puppetwar stuff comes pre-drilled for 1x3mm magnets.



Rhino Chassis

Done with my first ever Rhino chassis. A bit more weathering than i thought it would be when i started, but I like the look anway, so this is what my 2nd Company vehicles will use as a standard. It’s assigned to 1st tactical squad “Vandar”. Keeping my gladius strike force close to the lore!



Captain Cato Sicarius

Finally finished with my new HQ! Will be the proxy for all Captains in my future Ultramarines lists.



Bolt Action/Chain of Command

Been looking into WW2 games recently. Want something different to my normal 40k sci-fi power creep gaming. Right now I’m painting up a demo-army from Warlord gaming that was donated to our gaming community here in Malmö. The first user being shown the game with this demo army, is me!